Beth Smith

Beth Smith

The matriarch of the Smith family, Beth Smith started dating her husband Jerry in high school. At her high school prom, Beth ended up having sex with Jerry and becoming pregnant with their first child Summer.

Beth considered aborting Summer so that she could pursue her dream to become a heart surgeon. Despite going through with have a child at 17, she comprised on her dream and became a horse surgeon. In “A Rickle in Time”, Beth shows her passion for equine surgery by trying to save the life of a wounded deer. Her enthusiasm for saving animal lives manifests itself with vulgarity, which sometimes upsets those around her. Beth doesn’t seem to care because she is confident in her abilities as a horse surgeon.

Beth and Jerry’s Marriage

Beth ended up marrying Jerry and having a second child, Morty. She resents Jerry for getting her pregnant, but stays with him for the sake of the children.

Although their marriage is hanging on by a thread, Beth claims to still love Jerry even though she compares it to “hard work”. Beth and Jerry are constantly fighting about the kids, money, their sex life, and most of all Rick.

Rick is Beth’s father who has been out of his daughter’s life for a very long time only to appear out of nowhere and move in with the family. Beth loves her father very much and would do anything to make sure that he stays in her life. Not much is said about Rick and Beth’s relationship before the Pilot episode. Rick did leave Beth and her mother when she was a teenager, but she doesn’t seem too upset now that he is back in her life. She goes to great lengths to please Rick while looking for even the slightest signs of admiration. She is constantly feeding Rick, cleaning up after him, and looking the other way when he selfishly puts the family in danger.

Rick and Beth on Ricks birthday

In Beth’s eyes, Rick can do no wrong. Probably because he passed down one of her defining traits in the show, her alcoholism.

Beth Loves Wine

Rick’s alcoholism has rubbed off on his daughter. In the Smith’s kitchen there is always at least one wine bottle that Beth uses to get drunk. Beth uses intoxication as a form of escape from her unintelligent husband, sociopathic father, whiny children, and generally any experience involving stress.

After shooting Mr. Poopy Butthole, Beth immediately goes to her red wine stash and hysterically chugs it down to deal with the extreme emotions.