Jerry Smith


Jerry Smith is married to Beth Smith, who he got pregnant after their high school prom when they were both seventeen. He managed to convince Beth to not go through with the abortion and have Summer shortly after high school. This event, coupled with the fact that Jerry possesses lower than average intelligence, has created a wealth of resent between the married couple.

With his marriage already on the rocks, Jerry is forced to take in his abusive step-father Rick, after being gone for fourteen years. While having her father around makes his wife happy, Jerry is bombarded with constant insults from Rick about his inability to satisfy his wife as well as his subpar intellect.

Jerry Smith

Jerry comes across as a genuinely nice guy who loves ice cream and does everything he can to keep his family happy. He even goes as far as agreeing to give up his penis to save the life of the most important being in the universe, Shrimply Pibbles.

In the Pilot episode we first find Jerry Smith at the dinner table getting upset with his father-in-law Rick for supposedly keeping Morty up all night.