Morty Smith

Morty Smith

Ricks grandson Morty Smith is the other half of the Rick and Morty combo. He is the co-star of the show and plays an extremely important role in Rick’s existence.

Morty is a young teenage boy who is in the midst of puberty, from the many references to his uncontrollable tendency to masturbate “everywhere”. Summer one time caught him in the middle of the kitchen, where he yelled:

I hate you and I was thinking about your friend grace

He comes across as a very nieve young boy who is consistently being picked on by his family for being weak minded. His grandfather Rick also makes sure to remind Morty that he might not be as smart as most kids. The constant ridicule sometimes boils over and Morty lashes out. This is often directed at Rick who one minute will be extremely loving towards Morty, as we see in the opening scene of the pilot episode, the next he’ll leave Morty by himself in a dangerous alternate dimension.

Rick and Morty

Morty is a curious boy who thinks the galaxy is inherently good. His grandfather, who has seen a fair amount of the galaxy, constantly tries to prove to Morty that a pessimistic view is the only way to survive and not be looked at as weak. This clash of galactic view becomes a problem in episode “Mortynight Run” where Morty tries to stop Krombopulos Michael from assassinating his target. Morty ends up killing Michael in the process and saves Fart from being murdered, all to Rick’s chagrin. Throughout the episode Morty sticks to his convictions, convincing himself that what he did was right. He later finds out that Fart is planning on “cleansing” the world of the human race and Morty is forced to kill Fart in the end.

Rick and Morty’s relationship is tumultuous, so say the least. One second Rick is blasting Morty for being dumb and weak-willed, the next he is drunkenly professing his vast affection for his grandson. Above all else, Morty is Ricks copilot and he knows that in the end Rick will always protect him. It is why he always agrees to go with his grandfather on their wacky adventures, to a serious detriment to his own life. He sticks to Rick’s side day and night, while missing school and sleep. We find Morty passing out in his breakfast from sleep deprivation.

Morty is Intelligent

He may not be as smart as grandpa Rick, but Morty shows signs of sometimes having above average intelligence. His suggestions on how to get out of the decaying corpse of a homeless man in “Anatomy Park” are surprising even to Dr. Xenon Bloom. He is integral to helping the team get out of there alive, even though they all die except himself and Dani. Who Morty ends up making out with towards the end of the episode, most likely due to her attraction to his intelligence.

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV.

On occasion, Morty stands up for himself against his grandfather. Rick makes it a habit to down play Morty’s intelligence and often takes it too far. Morty doesn’t always take it on the chin and cower like a little boy. We even see signs of this in the very first scene of the Pilot episode.

Grandpa Rick shows up to in Morty’s bedroom completely drunk and forces him to go up in his spaceship with him. While joyriding around Rick tells Morty that he is going to drop a bomb on the world and get a “fresh start”. He tells Morty that they are going to pick up his little friend Jessica so that Morty has someone to be with. Morty becomes infuriated and finally puts his foot down. He convinces Rick to not drop the bomb and forces him to land the spaceship.

Morty Angry At Rick


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