Mr. Meeseeks


Mr. Meeseeks HelpsThe Meeseeks are the most helpful alien race in the universe. Mr. Meeseeks is the singular form of a race of aliens who help out whoever summons them into existence. Similar to a joyful genie, they will perform the first task that is asked of them without question.

The only way to summon Mr. Meeseeks is by pressing the bright blue button on top of a Meeseeks box. A puff of light blue smoke appears and a single Mr. Meeseeks exclaims:

I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me.

At this time, anyone is able to provide Mr. Meeseeks with a request which he will perform to the best of his best ability. In most cases, the request is finished quickly and efficiently. As soon as the request is fulfilled Mr. Meeseeks ceases to exist and vanishes in thin air.

Mr. Meeseeks entire life involves fulfilling the one simple request that is asked of them and then vanishing out of existence.

The powder blue aliens have an interestingly simplistic appearance. They do not appear to have any sexual organs, so their nakedness is not offputting. Their tasteful nakedness is never acknowledged because their first impression is overtaken by their cheery disposition.

A Meeseeks has two arms and two legs, giving the species an almost humanoid stature. Their torso is slightly pear shaped, with a skinny chest and a rounded belly. Their skinny legs seem to bypass a waist and essentially jut out directly from the bottom of their belly. Instead of toes the Meeseeks have a hoof/paw hybrid that looks like a shoe horn. While their hands are more like paws with no fingers, they do possess an opposable thumb. The Meeseeks are able to perform a variety of tasks and it would be difficult to accomplish most physical feats without thumbs.

North of their torso is a bulbous head that lies directly on top of their frail looking shoulders. The absence of a neck somehow plays into the non threatening nature of the Meeseeks species. Their two small beady eyes have little expression, so they rely on their eyebrows and mouth to display any emotion. They have a fairly large mouth for the relative size of their head. Inside their mouth is filled with a set of rounded teeth, which doesn’t make much sense since they aren’t required to eat.

The top of their heads vary from one to another. Almost half of all Meeseeks are able to grow small random tufts of orange hair. The other half are completely bald, giving rise to the theory that although Meeseeks do not procreate, they do possess unique traits that are genetically pre-disposed.

Mr. Meeseeks Perform Simple Tasks

The first time that we see Mr. Meeseeks is in the fifth episode, of the series, called Meeseeks and Destroy. We never really learn how Rick acquired a Meeseeks box, but nevertheless he lets Summer, Jerry, and Beth use the box to accomplish seemingly simple tasks. Initially the simple tasks that the three ask Rick to help them with are:

  • Jerry = Open a mayonaise jar
  • Beth = Fix the dishwasher
  • Summer = Help with her science homework

These are all simple tasks that a Mr. Meeseeks could easily accomplish.

Mr. Meeseeks

That is why the three of them are entrusted with the box in the first place. With the potential power of accomplishing almost anything the family is in awe of the possibilities. It is human nature to take full advantage of an opportunity. Which is why their three original tasks had been upgraded to:

  • Jerry = Take two strokes off his golf game
  • Beth = To be a more complete woman
  • Summer = Be more popular at school

A Meeseeks is always thrilled to be given a task and they will go to great lengths to fulfill the task given to them. This is unless if they are unable to complete their task.

Meeseeks Have A Short Life Span

A simple task usually takes a few hours to complete for any normal Meeseeks. The species is bred to have a life span of roughy a half day, at the very most. If, for whatever reason, a meeseeks is unable to complete their life purpose, they age rapidly.

The Meeseeks Axiom:

The meeseeks are not born into this world fumbling for meaning. we are created to serve a singular purpose in which we will go to any lengths to fulfill

After about 12 hours of life a meeseeks will start to grow facial hair and even develop liver spots. Their sunny personality starts to shift towards anxious, confused, and irritable.

Mr. Meeseeks

If a meeseeks is still alive after 24 – 48 hours, they can grow angry and develop violent tendencies. A group of aged Meeseeks will regress into a feral state and turn on each other with brutal force. Luckily the average meeseeks is durable enough to survive an onslaught from a group of angry meeseeks. Their eventual anger will form into a collective agreement of how to handle the task given to them. This all could lead to a Mr. Meeseeks turning on the task giver and viewing their only solace is to end the task giver’s life. No more person who provided the task means no more task, which by default means no more need for Mr. Meeseeks.

Please use extreme caution when handling a Meeseeks box. Mr. Meeseeks will seem like a cheerful fellow whose life purpose is to help you out, but they will grow dangerous if not viewed as potentially dangerous. Keep your tasks simple and concise. Above all else, do not let a group of meeseeks be in existence for much longer than 10 – 12 hours.