Rick Sanchez


Rick Sanchez is one of the main characters from the show Rick and Morty. He is a brilliant mad scientist who brings his grandson Morty Smith on crazy adventures around the galaxy.

He lives with his daughter Beth Smith, her husband Jerry Smith, and their two kids Summer Smith and Morty Smith. He loves the family, but his sociopathic tendencies are a constant strain on the Smith’s. It has been roughly 14 years since he has been in his daughter’s life and she is thrilled to finally have him back. Little is known about why he left Beth’s mother or where he went during is decade and a half away from his family.

Now living in his own room at the Smith household he has also taken over the garage. He uses it as his personal laboratory while storing all of his science equipment. We find out in episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation”, that Rick also has a hatch that leads to a subterranean laboratory underneath the garage. He uses it to hold Blim Blam the Kornblock captive, but he escapes while Jerry and Beth are fighting over Rick’s worn-out welcome.

Wubba lubba dub dub


What dimension is this again?

One of Rick’s favorite hobbies is to make sure that Jerry knows, without a doubt, that he hates his very existence. This is summed up in one of his most sincere quotes directed at Jerry after providing his opinion:

I dont care what you think Jerry

There is an ongoing theme of genuine hate towards Jerry until perhaps episode 13 Mortynight Run. At the beginning of the episode, Rick drops Jerry off at a daycare center made exclusively for Jerrys. He quips that he “wishes he came up with the idea, that Rick is rich”. The mere existence of a Jerry daycare lets us know that there is at least a small soft spot that Rick has for Jerry. Or he just needs him alive so Beth doesn’t freak out when Jerry inevitably dies from being on a Rick journey.



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