Haters might in fact hate on all the Ricks.

Rick Sanchez Cosplay

This guy gets it. Look what a 3D printer and a pair of Sambas can do for your life.

Rick Sanchez Cosplay

Where does he get those beautiful toys?

Uhhhh How did Rick’s hair get so smooth and not pointy?

Rick Sanchez Cosplay

Hmmm. Is he going for Rick here or is this just homeostasis for this dude?

Woah..Unity in 3D is much better than the overrated 5D version.

Hair points, Triple X booze, lab coat…nailed it.

My hair doesn’t look like a Trump offspring. Also that unibrow isn’t straight enough. I give this cosplay a 5.2 out of 1 million

Nailed the facial expressions, but Morty isn’t 6ft tall. Try again and call me when I am more drunk.

If I was Irish maybe, but mad props to the use of the Phalanges. I approve of the sad anger.

I look sickly, but sure I’ll go wherever as long as there is booze. It’s a controllable issue that I never refer to as an issue. I need it..the booze I mean, not the hair products, which might of been implied.

Wait….wut. Yeaaa, fuck that Rick. #notmyrick

Nice, evil Morty. Solid use of an eye patch to give away the fact that you are evil. You should be a bit more discrete, like me, see look at those boss loafers.

Rick Sanchez Cosplay

I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, sadistic…wrong. Just look Morty, you’ll learn this is all bullshit.

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