This clip is from episode Rixty Minutes

Rick: I’m proud of you Morty. 

Morty: Hey, I don’t give a crap about myself Rick. Let’s watch some crazy stuff yo. 

Ants In My Eyes Johnson: I’m Ants In My Eyes Johnson. Here atAnts In My Eyes Johnson’s electronics. I mean there’s so many ants in my eyes and there’s so many TVs..microwaves..radios!..I think, I can’t, I’m not 100% sure what we have here in stock cause I can’t see anything. Our prices, I hope aren’t too low!

Check out this refrigerator. Only two hundred dollars! What about this microwave? Only a hundred dollars. That’s fair! I’m Ants In My Eyes Johnson, everything’s black, I can’t see a thing and also I can’t feel anything. Did I mention that? But that’s not as catchy as having ants in your eyes. So that always goes, ya know, off by the waste side. 

I can’t feel, it’s a very rare disease. All my nerves don’t allow for the sensation of touch. So I never know what’s going on. Am I standing? sitting? I don’t know. 

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