Police Chief: Because of your baby legs. So I’m partnering you up with regular legs.

Regular Legs: Hey there. 

Baby Legs: Detective. I’m..This is upsetting to me because I feel like I don’t need no regular leg partner.

Police Chief: Baby Legs. Don’t talk back to me. Goodluck you two, there’s a criminal to kill. 

Regular Legs: Wow. You sure found this guy quick. 

Baby Legs: Uhh yea. Because I’m a good detective. 

Regular Legs: Look, Baby Legs. It’s the criminal. 

Criminal: Uhhhh..&*%@ I’m the killer, I’m running. I’m running real quick. 

Baby Legs: Baby Legs! Here we goo! Brrscchrrr That’s the sound I make when I’m trying to run fast. Brrrbbsssrr..Alright I’m not gonna get him. I’m, I just realized a real valuable lesson.

Regular Legs: I’m coming Baby Legs. I’m Regular Legs…We got him!

Baby Legs: Hey that was good teamwork. 

Police Detective: Baby Legs and Regular Legs, I’m proud of you two for working together. And Baby Legs, I know it was hard for you to come to the conclusion that you need a partner, but I’m proud of you that you did it. 

Baby Legs: Hey thanks Chief.

Police Chief: Now get the %$^ out of here!

Rick: Pretty cool, huh Morty? Oh. 

Jerry: I thought it was cool.

Rick: I dont’ give a f$%* what you think Jerrry. 

Morty: Hey, uhh..You doing ok?