Incept, Son – Video


This clip is from the episode Lawnmower Dog

TV: You don’t know me

Mr. Goldenfold: Nice Mrs. Pancakes, real nice. 

TV: Next week on the days and nights of Mrs. Pancakes. You don’t know me! The let me get to know you dammit.

Rick: Uh oh. Spoilers. I’m a full season behind.

Morty: Wow Rick. I can’t believe we’re sitting around..standing around in Mr. Goldenfold’s house. It’s really weird. 

Rick: It’s about to get a whole lot weirder Morty. 

Mrs. Pancakes: Wheat thins. Wheat thins?

Mr. Goldenfold: I’ll take two.

Mrs. Pancakes: Oh, I think you’ve had enough sir.

Mr. Goldenfold: You don’t know me. [laughing]

Rick: Alright Morty. Time to make our move. 

[playful laughing]

Rick: Allahu brrrppp Akbar. We’re gonna take control of this plane, we’re gonna 9-11 it, unless Morty Smith gets better grades in math. Hey! I said nobody move buddy. 

Mr. Goldenfold: The name’s not buddy, it’s Goldenfold. Nice to wheat you!

Rick: Take cover Morty. 

Mr. Goldenfold: Aaaaarrrrrgghhhhhhh