Morty: Hey Rick, I have to make a project for the science fair this weekend. Ya you think you could help me out?

Rick: Whatever. 

Jerry: Well..traditionally science fair’s are a father son thing.

Rick: Well scientifically, traditions are an idiot thing. 

Beth: Morty, I think it would be fun for you to work on a science project with your dad. 

Morty: uh hem. yee yea dad. Why don’t we do it together?

Jerry: Yes! You backed the right horse on this one son. We’ll get out the crayons, brew some coffee, and knock this thing out in 2 or 3 days. 

Robot: What is my purpose?

Rick: Pass the butter……Thank youuu. 

Morty: ooohhhh. 

Summer: Dad, I need a ride to work. 

Jerry: Maybe Rick can give you a ride. I’m helping Morty with science. 

Rick: I’m busy. 

Summer: Doing what? 

Rick: uh. Anything else. 

Robot: What is my purpose?

Rick: You pass butter. 

Robot: Oh my God. 

Rick: Yea. Welcome to the club pal. 

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