Rick: Hey Morty, lemme [broh]..lemme [broh]..let me ask you a question real quick. Does evil exist? And if so, can one detect and measure it?

Morty: Umm..

Rick: Rhetorical question Morty. The answer’s yes, you just have to be a genius. Cute. Your sister’s boss gave me a microscope that would of made me retarded. 

Morty: ooo, oh boy Rick. I don’t think you’re allowed to say that word, ya know?

Rick: Uh, Morty. I’m not disparaging the differently abled. I’m stating a fact that if i used this microscope it would of made me mentally retarded. 

Morty: Yea. Ok. But I don’t think it’s about logic, Rick. I think the word has just become a symbolic issue for powerful groups that feel like they’re doing the right thing. 

Rick: Well that’s retarded.